Training with schools

  • 12 April 2019

Today we have started at FSA a new program with schools in Amsterdam to introduce the amazing sport of Figure Skating we all know and already enjoy. One of our most skilled skaters, Sam van der Kooi, has visited Laterna Magica school in Ijburg (Amsterdam) to introduce Figure Skating to a group of students and explain her own experience of last 9 years, since she started for the first time. Anna and Irina, two of the school students and also figure skaters helped Sam to do the presentation and answer all questions that had arisen.

But that’s not all: As part of the Experience, Sam also invited a group of students to experience by themselves what this amazing sport is. A group of students or Laterna Magica moved to Jaap Eden ice rink to have a training session with our lead coach Nathalie, and also some of our own skaters joined the training to make the experience the most incredible as possible for Laterna Magica students.

This is one of new initiatives that FSA is starting to promote Figure Skating on a broad audience and make this sport more visible and successful in Amsterdam region.