Three Cheers in Zoetermeer for FSA

FSA took home three podium finishes from the De IJsvogelbokaal Competition in Zoetermeer, February 3.

Nelida Lievesley topped the field in Pupillen 1C. Zulhaj Rizki won gold in Aspiranten 1B and Scarlett Amor was second in Starters 2B.

Mila Usenko was sixth in Pupillen 1A and Solenza Subileau finished ninth in Pupillen 2. 

Abigail Lievesley placed fifth in Starters 1. 

In the Aspiranten Girls division, Phoebe Kaing was fourth in Group 1AA; Amal Mouslih was fifth in Group 1AC, and Jasmijn Sijmons was 11th in Group 2A.

Nice job, Team FSA.