Team Scorekaarten at Marikenbokaal

FSA’s scorekaarten team went to the Triavium ice rink in Nijmegen on Saturday, March 2, for the Marikenbokaal 2024 and came home with gold.

Zulhaj Rizki was first in the Aspiranten 1B division, while in Aspiranten 2B, Ashley Cheung and Anastasia Perventseva finished fifth and sixth, respectively.

In Aspiranten 1A (11 years old), Phoebe Kaing was sixth, Scarlett Armor was eighth, and Tessel Ermers was ninth. Kiki Ermers was 12th in Aspiranten 2A.

In Pupillen 1 (5-8 years old), Stefania Kolodii finished fifth, Neyshara Nelson was seventh, and Mila Usenko was ninth. Nélida Lievesly came in eighth in Pupillen 2.

Abigail Lievesly was 11th  in Starters.

FSA Power!