Beginners and recreational skaters

Passion and power

Figure skating is a combination of elegance and strength on ice. It is a popular sport, with big stars on world level competition. Did you know that figure skating is world-wide the most popular skating discipline? In the Netherlands there is a rising interest in figure skating. Figure skating is not only popular amongst kids, also many adults would love to learn. As a result our lessons for adults are unfortunately completely full. At the moment only kids and teenagers (till 17) can register for a trial lesson.

Free trial lesson

Fun group lessons

Figure skating is an individual sport, which you can learn in group lessons at FSA. The groups are determined by age and level. This increases the accessibility and speeds up the result! The lessons take place both inside and outside (see timetable). Talent recognition and periodic review are part of our program. At the end of the season, we have the Diploma skating. Where you can skate for your KNSB diploma (A – F) be obtained. You also can particpate in the beloved FSA show.

Recreational group

Youth (3-12 years)

At FSA we combine a good exercise with skating fun. Active preschoolers (from 3 years) and boys and girls learn the figure skating in a playful way. Did you know that sporting children smarter, happier and healthier?  Figure skating is an individual sport: both physically and mentally challenging, a combination of technique, athletic ability, spatial awareness and power of expression. Thus the cognitive ability and the ‘muscle memory’ are trained. All youth groups train at the same hours, but are grouped by age.

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Teens (13 to 17 years) and adults (18 years and older)

 Doubting beginners: as a teenager, young adult and adult you can still fine learning figure skating! Both ladies and gentlemen! Some of our FSA aspirants even now performs at competition level, and former skaters return to us because they miss figure skating! The aspirants and adults are grouped by level.