Skating Skills Special for young hockey players


Come to our course for young hockey players in the spring!

Special for young hockey players (U8-U10 and ice hockey school-11 years) there is now the possibility to learn ice hockey skating skills.


Ice rink De Meent  in Alkmaar


Every Saturday and Sunday until July 17.


Saturday: 13.00-14.30 (no practice on April, 23)

Sunday: 14.30-15.30  (no practice on April, 24 and May, 15)


Head coach Fiori Smit


What will you learn?

The young ijshocekyers will learn in a playful way the following skills:

  • move left, right, front and back
  • 1 knee on the ice and get up as soon as possible
  • skill with turning and turning (front and reverse, left and right)
  • different agility skating
  • speed skating, stops and turns
  • good backwards skating with different techniques

Registration and information

Please contact for registration, information and costs.

The number of places in limited.