Skate Rental

FSA offers skate rental services to its members

To make a great start in figure skating, good quality skates are very important. Therefore, toy skates, recreational skates and speed skates are not allowed, not even for the trial lesson. Because young feet grow rapidly and skates are pricey, FSA has a large number of figure skating skates in stock for rental.

If you want to purchase figure skating skates, please ask advice from our coaches or volunteers in advance!


Skate rental winter season September/March: € 70
Skate rental summer season March/June: € 30
Skate rental winter and summer season: € 90
Blade sharpening by our coach: € 15

In addition, we also ask for a deposit of € 75.

If you had rented skates before with us, and already paid the deposit and this is not returned to you, please indicate it in the comments.


The winter season’s rent amounts €70, deposit is €75. Rent until end of the summer season is €90. If you would like to rent skates, you will receive an email with further instructions.

De huurprijs voor het winterseizoen is €70, daarnaast vragen wij €75 borg. Bij schaatshuur t/m het zomerseizoen is de huurprijs €90. Indien u aangeeft dat u schaatsen wil huren, volgt er een email met nadere instructies.

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