Rising Stars for next season

We are near to say goodbye for this season to our home icerink Jaap Eden baan. A great opportunity to prepare our next generation of competitors, that will jump into a next level of figure skating next season.Our skaters have worked hard, together with their coaches and have delivered a first glance of their future programs. This was an excellent opportunity for them to show their skills. A fun day to close the Summer Season for Category S, that we proudly share with our FSA community.First ... More

UPDATE: Show is postponed!

We are sad to communicate that unforeseen reasons forced our homerink to close earlier than expected. The Jaap Edenbaan needs some important works to be done and therefore our show will be postponed to the next season. We are a little disappointed as our Superheroes worked hard with the Supercoaches as well, but we are sure that next season they will be fine and ready to shine with FSA Power! Thanks for your support and understanding and see you very soon. More


They are strong and smart, they are as fast as lightning and they always save the day: these are Superheroes! But not all superheroes have capes: ours have skates.FSA is proud to present the show Superheroes, to close the wonderful spring season 2023.More than 120 skaters, conducted by our team of world class coaches, will fill up Jaap Eden ice for a fun-filled and exciting show to delight family, friends, skating ... More

One last round of applauses!

Last competition of the season was held on Utrecht’s Vechtsebanen,  with the KSNB final for category B and M .Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of April our hearts and cheers were with our skaters that run their programs, Dagne and Giulia for Basic Novice, Yarina for Advance Novice, Eline for Maxi 1 and Star, Taisia and Erika for Minis. Our dear Star made podium with the 3rd place, congratulations! We want to thank our big FSA family, our coaches and all the people supporting our team. ... More

March 2023: Closing Season with FSA winners!

The last competitions of the winter season 2022/2023 have brought great joy to our Team. Starting with Ksenia and Taisia Usenko sharing a fantastic experience at the Maria Olszewska Memorial in Lodz, Poland. Both competitors made best personal scores and Ksenia made podium with a well-deserved 1st Place. Well done, ladies! Last Sunday, the Drechtsteden Bokaal received our competitors and their good spirit and drive delivered a blissful journey. Running for the category Starters 1: Stefaniia ... More

That was a wrap!

And this was a wrap! Sunday 19 March was the last day of the Winter Season 2022-2023. A fun and positive journey closed this weekend with the last lesson, skaters received their diplomas and a last round of applause to cheer coaches and team in this wonderful season. We want to thank you and all the parents that made this season unforgettable, the hard work of everyone and the efforts to muster the discipline and team spirit that represents Figure Skating Amsterdam. Thanks for loving ... More

February is to SHINE!

February is still full of great experiences for our competitors. Last Saturday 11th Zoetermeer received our skaters Madeline, Ashley (for category Aspiranten 2B) and Stefaniia (in category Starter) for the Ijsvogel Bokaal. Our audacious team enjoyed a fun and rewarding experience, with Madeline finishing on 1st place and Ashley on 3rd place. Stefaniia shined in her program, with a 6th place. Congratulations, dear skaters, we are proud of your journey! More

FSA on the Top!

The start of February was full of intense activity for FSA team. For the first time we had more than 20 competitors running their programs in 3 different countries, with the assistance of more than 5 coaches to support competitors and lessons for the skaters that continued their trainings in Jaap Eden. This was only possible with the amazing cooperation of every single member of our FSA community. Parents. Coaches, skaters, helpers, everyone contributed with hard work, patience and flexibility, and we want to thank you all! This dynamic month started on Thursday 2, with our pair Giulia and Grigory competing on the Bavarian Open in Obersdorf, Germany, an exciting journey for our skaters in their very first top international event. Right after, 3rd and 4th of February in Hasselt Belgium, Ksenia, Yuna and Victoria (for Basic Novice) Giulia (for Basic Novice B) Elsbeth (for Advance Novice) and Annika (for Junior) courageously participated in the Talent Trophy. And during 4th and 5th of February, our FSA delegation shined Zoetemeer’s Stars on Ice Cup, with no less than 16 skaters: Mila (Starter 1), Tessel (Starter 2), Rivka (Pupillen 1), Amelie and Solenza (Pupillen 2), Veerle (Aspiranten 1B), Anastasia, Madeline and Ashley (Aspiranten 2B), Kiki (Aspiranten 1A), Taisia (Mini), Emilly (Midi), Eline (Maxi 1), Dagne and Laura (Basic Novice B) and Yarina (advance Novice B). We are proud to congratulate each one of our competitors, and special round of applause to Amelie, Madeline and Mila who made the 1st place on their categories! , but also all our team watching and cheering from Jaap Eden, as well as our dear coaches and all the collaborators that ensured logistics and organization for both lessons and competitions during this challenging and rewarding weekend. We couldn’t feel more proud of everyone of you, Team. Is not only the wins you bring but the amazing lessons of cooperation, support and your energy what inspire us to be better every day. Thank you Team, Coaches and Parents, we are all FSA Power! More

Join the Team!

The Winter Season is officially open and we are delighted to receive our skaters and also new comers. Figure Skating has become a popular sport and FSA bets on the next generation of champs! We made available new openings on WEDNESDAYS 13:30 to 14:30 and SUNDAYS from 9:40 to 10:40. These lessons are for children between 4 and 12 years old, who would like to learn the skills, the beautiful elements and the joy of figure skating, by the hand of our supportive coaches and professional team. ... More

Learn Figure Ice Skating with FSA

Looking for a fun activity for your children during this Autumn break? Is your kid curious about the steps and spins of Figure Skating?FSA has put together an enjoyable mini camp for children - between 4 and 12 years old- who would like to learn the basics of this beautiful sport. Four days of fun on and off ice under the lead of our caring coaches. Learn some of the basic techniques and moves that make a magic mixture of Art and Sport!Registrations are now open, via the link https://forms.g... More