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Figure skating is the world’s most popular skating discipline. FSA is actively supporting figure skating in the Netherlands. A team of experienced professionals offers fun and challenging figure skating lessons for everyone from beginners to competition level skaters. We are located at the Jaap Eden ice rink in Amsterdam. Group lessons are a great way of having fun and making progress, while keeping the sport accessible and affordable. Talent scouting and periodic evaluation are part of our program under the inspiring leadership of coaches Valeri and Nathalie Kornienko. They joined the club in 2018 taking over from Fiori Smid, FSA co-founder  and the first head coach of the club for many years.

FSA is one of the largest associations for figure skating in Netherlands with more than 200 active members.

• Number of members of FSA grows yearly: new members are welcome, but there might be waiting lists. Unfortunately, there is only 1covered ice rink in Amsterdam. This is insufficient to fulfil all needs to the ice sports (such as figure skating, ice hockey and short track). We are awaiting extension and renovation of the facilities with impatience.

• We put great effort in our shows that every year are taking place with most of our skaters. It’s a perfect time to show to a wider audience how each and every skater is improving skills on ice skating on different parts of the program.

• Our members contribute with their show acts and demonstration to a number of successful events.

• Our competition skaters show excellent results at club competitions as well as national (KNSB cup and Dutch Championships) and international (ISU) competitions.