Podium for FSA!

Saturday November 3rd became a long and very rewarding day for the FSA team. Our competitors under the guidance of their dear coach Nathalie participated in the Peerd Van ome Loeks with remarkable results. All the athletes had a fun and exciting journey and not only their programs were very well executed, but also made it to the podium in each one of the categories! FSA started early with the Mini and Maxi categories with Ksenia (3rd) Giulia (5th) and Babette (3rd) and closing our participation with the Pupilen group, with Sophia on the 1st place, Sofia 2nd place and Emily on the 4th. We couldn’t have a better start of the season. Thank you Nathalie for your encouraging support, and our very best wishes to our skaters, you have indeed the FSA Spirit!