FSA Skaters Score in Tilburg

A strong team of young competitors represented FSA at the first Scorekaart competition of the season this past Saturday, October 28, in Tilburg, Noord-Brabant.

Skating in her first-ever competition, Angelina Kortes made the podium, finishing second of seven in the Pupillen 2 category, with performance that included single jumps up to the lutz and well-centered spins.

Team FSA boasted three out of eighteen entrants in the Pupillen 1 division. Nélida Lievesley finished fourth; Stefania Kolodii was sixth, and Mila Usenko was ninth. Abigail Lievesley finished seventh in Starters 1 and Scarlett Amor, skating in her first competition, was sixth of 13 in Starters 2. Way to go, girls!

“I’m proud of all our students’ performances today,” said Coach Sylvia.

Photos on the ice made by Pietures.