FSA Skaters Score at the Waagbokaal

FSA scored three podium places at the Waagbokaal scorekaarten competition in Alkmaar, Saturday, December 9. Madeline Strumpf won gold in Aspiranten 2B and Ashley Cheung won bronze in the same category. Amal Mouslih took home the silver medal in the Aspiranten 1A group for girls aged 13-17.  

Skating in her first competition, Phoebe Kaing finished 11th  in the Aspiranten 1A group for girls aged 11-12.

In Aspiranten 2A, for girls aged 14-17, Jasmijn Sijmons was seventh, Mila Liberov was eighth in her competitive debut, and Aymie Woei was ninth. 

In the Pupillen 1, girls under 7 category, Stefania Kolodii was fifth, Mila Usenko, sixth, and Neyshara Nelson, seventh.

Valeriia Saratovska was seventh in Pupillen 2 and Scarlett Armor finished seventh in Starters 2.

Another fantastic showing for Team FSA.