FSA Skate Rental Information

A good quality skate is extremely important to everyone who likes to learn to figure skate well! The purchasing costs of a pair of good quality figure skates are quite high. That’s why FSA owns a fairly large amount of figure skates in all sizes, which can be rented by its members. We will notify you in case the size you need is not available anymore.

Pick up and fitting

FSA rental skates need to be (pre-) booked on the Registration Form. We will organise a special skate pick up and fitting session at the indoor hall of the Jaap Eden ice rink before the first lesson.

For trial lessons please make an appointment for fitting your rental skates. Contact: info@figureskatingamsterdam.com


Skate rental for the entire winter season from September to March is € 65 + a deposit of € 75.

At the end of the season the skates need to be handed in and we will return the deposit.

The total amount of € 140 needs to be transferred to the FSA bank account named Figure Skating Amsterdam, account number: NL98INGB0002952779. Please do not forget to state the full name of the member, and the words ‘schaatshuur + borg’ (skate rental + deposit). The payment has to be received by FSA before the date of the start of the first class.

Skate rental for the summer season from April to June is € 25.


We expect members to take good care of their rental skates and maintain them well. Every skater is obliged to purchase (soft) fabric blade covers and (solid) synthetic skate-guards, which off course remain their property after returning the skates. The fabric blade covers (so called ‘bananas’) are meant to protect the blades in your bag or suitcase. Do NOT walk on these fabric covers! To be able to walk on your skates, you ALWAYS need to put on skate-guards: only these solid guards will protect the blades from scratching and wire edge damage. Only remove the skate-guards last minute before stepping onto the ice!

Please note that in case of damage to the skates and/or blades, not caused by standard usage and wear and tear, but due to carelessness and/or bad maintenance, the management will present a bill for repairs, and will not fully refund the deposit.

At the beginning of the season all rental skates will be sharpened. In the course of the season extra sharpening might be necessary. If so, this will be at your own expense.  All FSA rental skates must be be sharpened in FSA by our coach at a cost of € 15 per time. In NO circumstance may rental skates be sharpened by anyone else!

In a nutshell

skate rental winter season Sept/March € 65 + € 75 deposit
skate rental summer season March/June € 25
Extra sharpening of the blades € 15

If there are any further questions or remarks, please use our contactform  or mail to info@figureskatingamsterdam.com