FSA on the Top!

The start of February was full of intense activity for FSA team. For the first time we had more than 20 competitors running their programs in 3 different countries, with the assistance of more than 5 coaches to support competitors and lessons for the skaters that continued their trainings in Jaap Eden. This was only possible with the amazing cooperation of every single member of our FSA community. Parents. Coaches, skaters, helpers, everyone contributed with hard work, patience and flexibility, and we want to thank you all!

This dynamic month started on Thursday 2, with our pair Giulia and Grigory competing on the Bavarian Open in Obersdorf, Germany, an exciting journey for our skaters in their very first top international event. Right after, 3rd and 4th of February in Hasselt Belgium, Ksenia, Yuna and Victoria (for Basic Novice) Giulia (for Basic Novice B) Elsbeth (for Advance Novice) and Annika (for Junior) courageously participated in the Talent Trophy. And during 4th and 5th of February, our FSA delegation shined Zoetemeer’s Stars on Ice Cup, with no less than 16 skaters: Mila (Starter 1), Tessel (Starter 2), Rivka (Pupillen 1), Amelie and Solenza (Pupillen 2), Veerle (Aspiranten 1B), Anastasia, Madeline and Ashley (Aspiranten 2B), Kiki (Aspiranten 1A), Taisia (Mini), Emilly (Midi), Eline (Maxi 1), Dagne and Laura (Basic Novice B) and Yarina (advance Novice B). We are proud to congratulate each one of our competitors, and special round of applause to Amelie, Madeline and Mila who made the 1st place on their categories! , but also all our team watching and cheering from Jaap Eden, as well as our dear coaches and all the collaborators that ensured logistics and organization for both lessons and competitions during this challenging and rewarding weekend.

We couldn’t feel more proud of everyone of you, Team. Is not only the wins you bring but the amazing lessons of cooperation, support and your energy what inspire us to be better every day. Thank you Team, Coaches and Parents, we are all FSA Power!