Bronze for Star at Dutch Nationals

Star Hoen won bronze in the Basic Novice Girls category at the Dutch National Championships, held concurrently with the Challenge Cup international competition in Tilburg, February 22-25.

Star received the third highest score amongst Dutch entrants despite missing an element. She placed sixth in the Challenge Cup. 

She was one of five FSA skaters who earned the right to compete at the Challenge Cup. In the same category, Yuna Parcily notched a personal best in her total element score on her way to 15th place in the Challenge Cup, eighth in the national championships. Taisia Usenko was 20th overall, 12th amongst Dutch skaters.

In the Advanced Novice Girls category, Ksenia Usenko finished 21st in the Challenge Cup, ninth at Dutch nationals. Elsbeth Marck debuted a double axel in her free program. She was 22nd overall, tenth amongst Dutch skaters.

The Challenge Cup capped an impressive competitive season for our A Team. Well done, ladies.