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FSA skaters compete in Groningen

FSA’s Scorekaarten competitors were in action again this weekend. A team of six skaters travelled to Groningen for the Peerd van Ome Loeks competition, Saturday, November 4. Pupillen 1 division had three FSA skaters. Stephaniia Kolodil made the podium, finishing third with a score of 11,80. Neyshara Nelson, skating in her first competition, was fifth, with11,60 points, and Mila Usenko was ninth with 10,50 points. Tessel Ermers earned 10,40 points for her performance in Aspiranten 1A, ... More

Fall break mini camp 2023

During fall break last week a great group of enthousiastic kids between 4 and 12 participated in our Fall Break Mini Camp. They learned the basics of figure skating, during four days of fun on and off the ice, under the lead of our caring coaches. Does your child want to learn to figure skate? Keep an eye on our website (link in bio) and social media for future mini camps or sign up for a trial lesson! More