2024 Competitive Season Kicks off in Riga

The 51st Volvo Open Cup, held in Riga, Latvia, January 19-21, featured over 300 participants from 29 countries, among them ten skaters from FSA.

Team FSA battled the twin headwinds of a shortened preparation period, due to the Christmas break, and a pernicious flu bug, and came away with great memories and valuable international experience.

Ksenia Usenko finished 23rd in the Advanced Novice 2008-2011 category. Guest skater Guusje De Graaf was 9thin Intermediate Novice Girls. Star Hoen was 5th in Basic Novice 2013 and younger, while in Basic Novice 2010-2012 Girls, Yuna Parcily notched a personal best (PB) score on her way to finishing 12th. Taisia Usenko was 19th.

Competitive categories in Latvia differ slightly from the Netherlands.

Esmee Dekker was second in Senior Women B while in the Junior B Women category, Annika Egas was fifth, Nika Esmaeilzadeh was seventh, and Gulia Dai Pra Ramos was eighth.

Amelie Taube also scored a PB, finishing 9th in Spring Girls.

Fabulous job, Team FSA.