Summer season

We never have enough on figure skating!

Do you recognise this on yourself? Or do you want to experience skating on ice for the first time on our dutch summer?

FSA Team can’t stop skating all year long, so get ready as summer time starts to appear, but we never leave the ice!


When and where?

From April 22nd until 13th July we are going to be skating in Alkmaar, Hoorn & Utrecht ice rinks. If you haven’t yet sign out on our scheduled skating on ice or off-ice sessions, please sign up with an e-mail to or call +31(0)628423585.

Contact us:

You can also use the above mail address and/or phone number to contact if you want information on the summer schedule, have experience with figure skating and so want to train at a higher level or if you are interested in ice patching

Just be aware the following days we will not skate:

Saturday, April 29th: Koningdag
Thursday, May 30th: Hemelvaart
Sunday, June 2nd: Ice Hockey tournament in Utrecht
Sunday, June 9th: Pinksteren
Monday, June 10th: Pinksteren