Our Coaches
  • The training sessions are led by a qualified team, a choreographer and a ballet teacher. Coaches are qualified according to the guidelines of the Dutch Skating Federation (KNSB).
  • In consultation with the board, the head coach makes the classification of groups.
  • The coaches are responsible for the lessons and everything that goes with it.
  • The coaches select┬ámembers to participate in contests and provide good guidance.
  • The coaches are responsible for the good performance on the ice. They are assisted by a board member or a formally appointed by the board representative.


Gala Malareva

Gala started her professional figure skater career in 1977. In 1988 she ...

Assistent Coach

Anna Blankenzee.

Assistent Coach

Maja Tisma

Assistent Coach
Maja made her first steps on ice when she was six years old. And she fell in ...