Corona update 29 September 2020

New measures have been announced yesterday by the Dutch government to prevent the further spread of the Corona virus. These measures will apply from today (Tuesday 29 September) at 6 p.m. and will in any case apply for the next 3 weeks (until October 20). The protocol of the ice rink is extended with the following rules:

  • No spectators: spectators are no longer allowed for sports activities incl training sessions. The goals is to allow sports activities to continue as much as possible without bringing large groups of people together. Therefore, spectators are no longer allowed. This applies to parents who want to watch their child’s training.
  • Parent/chaperon of a child up to 12 years old: a parent/chaperon of children up to and including 12 years old must immediately leave the ice rink and the terrain of Jaap Eden Ice Rink after providing assistance to his/her child. You will regain access to the ice rink after the training. Access can be arranged via Only 1 parent/chaperon per child. An e-ticket is needed for both the start and the end of the sessions – there will be a bringing and a picking up time slot. From Thursday October 1 an e-ticket machine will be available on the right side of the till. The left side can then no longer be used by parents accessing the indoor rink.
  • Maximum group size of 4 people: besides the training situation, the maximum group size for people aged 13 and older is set at 4. This rule also applies in the changing rooms.
  • After training: Athletes must leave the sports facility as soon as possible after training

FSA will make sure that ther are always 1 or 2 contact persons/coordinators are available in the hall.

We also kindly advice all peoples aged 13 and older to wear a mask inside the ice rink.